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אלפי אזרחים יצאו להפגנת המרפסות!

אתם מדהימים! כדי שהדמוקרטיה הישראלית תמשיך לחיות ולבעוט - אלפי ישראליות וישראלים יצאו היום למרפסות בדרישות ברורות: חייבים לשמור את הכנסת עצמאית וחזקה, להפעיל מחדש את בתי המשפט, למנוע מעקב לא מפוקח של אזרחים! שתפו!


כדי שנוכל להמשיך להיאבק על הדמוקרטיה - אנחנו צריכים את התמיכה שלכם:

ותודה לעורך המוכשר והסבלני שנזעק לעזרה:) Shir Comay

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Howard Jones Business was at the time all over again dwelling in direction of the attractions and appears of your USC Trojans soccer market as the optimistic males begun coach this weekend. The 2020 soccer year is a very little a lot less than a thirty day period absent and with that, the Trojans consist of kicked off their tumble coach agenda. This weekend was the start off of what is an unparalleled soccer year in just the operates. USC is scheduled in direction of kick off the 2020 soccer time inside a 6-sport, shortened period towards Arizona Country upon November 7. USC will contain a 7th activity through the Pac-12 Championship weekend and will perform that last video game…


Jessie Beatrice
Jessie Beatrice
Jan 15, 2022

Time to get some errands done.Why not? I mean, it's as good a time as any since there isn't much in the way of marquee college football taking place this weekend.Follow the jump for the short list of games to track this weekend.The top 25 is providing a FEW intriguing match ups.USC Stanford...the Trojans struggled to put away Syracuse in the Dome, but overcame sloppy play to win comfortably. Stanford barely got past San Jose State. If USC is a true contender, they should win easily. Wake Forest Florida State...while the Demon Deacons are no great juggernaut, the Seminoles have mauled 2 FCS opponents. Count me not impressed. Same as USC...if the real deal, should dominate an eas…

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